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Qualified with a diploma in graphic and advertising design from Stockport College of Futher and Higher Education during the punk and post-punk years 1977-81. The artist's work is heavily influenced by the 20th and 21st centuries, from Dadaism and Surrealism, through Communist and Fascist revolutionary propaganda, to Pop art, Urban art and the New Age. Producing work under various alias including Lyndoch Moncrief, Contempt, Kram, Various Artists and M. B. Jackson.

The Bastard 1987

Hamburger Lady 1987

After finishing full-time education, he worked in various studios and agencies in Greater Manchester before moving to London in 1986, freelancing as a graphic artist producing artwork for fashion, music and media clients including London Vogue, Soul 2 Soul and Time out magazine

Toyota Stole (Vogue) 1988

Soul2Soul 1989

Between 86 and 88 he perfected a series of pre-digital, image manipulation techniques that mimicked the actions of a hip hop DJ, sampling, scratching and re-mixing photographic images by exploiting the monochrome and CYMK printing process of the photocopier. He used these techniques to remix old advertising images. This work was featured by Creative Review magazine in 1988.

scratched photocopy images 1987-1988

From 1989 to 1993, as joint co-ordinator for the Tabernacle community graffiti project in Notting Hill, he hung out with the first wave of West London graffiti artists painting in the old skool style, becoming a central figure on the Notting Hill urban arts scene. As a graffiti artist he looked to create an "art skool" style painting portraits, murals and graffiti style abstract art called 'schemes'.

Syanide 1988. spray can and marker pen on canvass

KRAM 1995. marker pen

Scheme 1 1990. spray can on canvass board

In 1989, using the alias 'Contempt' he teamed up with his partners in crime, Syanide and Chase, to form "West London Pressure" London's first commercial graffiti crew. Their patrons included International Herald Tribune, The Independent, War on Want, Amnesty International, Mangrove Community Arts - founders of Notting Hill carnival and London Union of Youth Clubs. They produced graffiti style murals, banners and artwork for carnival and arts festivals, raves and music events.
With the advent of DeskTop Publishing, the artist was one of the first to create digital graffiti designs using raster and vector graphics software.

KRAM 1994. raster graphic

KRAM 1995. vector graphic

Contempt 1995. raster graphic

Combining his DJ techniques with graffiti aesthetics and digital design, he developed a futuristic theory based around technology driven street-art . His thesis was published under the pseudonym 'Various Artists' in 1993 by Thames & Hudson, titled "Strecnology - a graphics user manual".

David Byrne 1987

Fashion Advertisment 1988

Coke Can 1990

In 1994, following the publication of his thesis, he was invited to work with London's first web design company called Obsolete. The company featured his work on the Levi's web site, the first commercial web site. As part of the Levi's promotion the artist was also present at the first ever web cast (skype) between London and New York.

From 1990 to 1997, the artist created artwork and performed his own brand of Punk Poetry in association with various independent anarcho-art collectives including, Mutoid Waste Company (creators of post-apocalypse art), Portobello Pirates (founders of the Portobello Film Festival), West London Class War and post-punk journalist and local historian Tom Vague, for benefits and events including Ian Bone's 'Bash The Rich' book launch in 2006.

The Artspace-Lifespace project 1994

The Revolution 1996

From 1997 to the present, the artist has studied occultism. During this time he has produced a range of artworks dealing with the subjects of the Bloodlines of Gods and Men, the Creation and the Comings and Goings of Gods and Men in the Garden of Eden.

The Houri 2006. vector graphic

The Ring Lords 2006. vector graphic

Goddogs and the Sheeple - Flight Over Eden. 2008. marker pen on cardboard

Since 2002, he has written and illustrated a series of reference guides, aimed at graphic designers, covering various aspects of the origins and development of Writing and Alphabets. These works were originally concieved as a series of handouts, developed while working as an art and design tutor in the multi-lingual, multi-cultural, multi-faith, inner city classroom.
This academic work forms the basis for his lectures either as, an extra curicular subject for art, design and typography students in further and higher education, or for ESOL tutors teaching at primary, secondary and Adult Learning levels.
In 2013, Green magic published "Sigils, Ciphers and Scripts" a retitling of his Magic Writing reference book. Green Magic also published his latest work, "Indian Alphabet - the calligraphic history and mystic function of the Brahmi writing System" in 2018.

As well as continuing to write reference books, he is also looking to publish his "Artists Catalogue" based on this web page.

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