Since 2000, he has written and illustrated a series of reference guides, aimed at artists and designers, covering various aspects of the origins and development of Writing Systems and Alphabets. These works were originally concieved as a series of handouts, developed while working as a graphics tutor in the multi-racial, multi-lingual, multi-cultural, multi-faith, inner city classroom in 1996. This academic work forms the basis for lectures in extra curicular subjects for art, design and typography students, or for ESOL tutors teaching at primary, secondary and Adult Learning levels.

In 2013, Green Magic published "Sigils, Ciphers and Scripts" a retitling of his Magic Writing reference manual. Green Magic also published his latest work, "Indian Alphabet - the calligraphic history and mystic function of the Brahmi writing System" in 2018. Available from all good occult book shops and Amazon.