The poet has been performing his own style of punk poetry in the squats, pubs and clubs of west London since 1989. Associating with various independent anarcho-art collectives including, World Domination Enterprises, Mutoid Waste Company, Portobello Pirates, West London Class War and the post-punk fanzine Vague. Performing at the Post Office Workers Union bar, Edinburgh Fringe, Fringe festival 1999, and Ian Bone's 'Bash The Rich' book launch in 2006. He has self-published several collections of rants, poems, songs and short stories in the process. These poems are taken from his post-punk dystopian narrative, "Craig, memoires of a demagogue."

Burn the Throne
Raise the Poor
Crush the State
Change the Law
Smash the Elite
Break the Structure
Bomb the Lords
Alter the Culture
Truth over Lies
Justice the Call
Peace in Our Time
Freedom for All
Im not into what day it is or knowing the proper time
Im not into battery farming or getting wet in acid rain
Im not into brain washing or prime time TV
Im not into political control or being told what I should be
Im not into the correct way of thinking or a mechanical universe
Im not into transhumanism or geneticly engineered birth
Im not into being told Im wrong when I know Im right
to live the way I want too and stand up for all my rights
I am just a human being living out their life
I was born in the early morn here on planet Earth
I just want a life time while Im in this universe
I dont want no money man telling me what Im worth
I just want the sun and stars to guide me day and night
I just want to see the world at peace before its time for me to die
Copyright © Mark Jackson 2012. All Rights Reserved